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Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad Zuda review/ Pink Raygun goes ZZZAAPPP!

Another April Zuda review: Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad by Lisa Fray and John Dallaire , which is a spin off of their Intergalactic Law comic on Pink Raygun If you haven't checked out Pink Raygun WTF is wrong with you??? The two strips share a universe and are crossing over all month so you should check it out. John also works on BCB, and did Lasers, Dragons, and Lies with John Zakour A track record of impressive work this comic is no different. Here is the Synopsis: Detective Janet Moore from the elite Green Squad is transferred to Grey Squad: a sleepy, out of the way precinct where old cops wait to retire and the most notorious criminal is an unrepentant jaywalker. Most of the old timers of Grey Squad are suspicious of this hot, young, cybernetic whippersnapper in their midst and are openly hostile about her unwelcome presence. However, Moore is a professional and enforces the law to the best of her ability, despite her co-workers’ misgivings. While Moore adjusts to life in the low-tech squad room (filing cabinets filled with. . . paper!), the slower pace of her colleagues (spontaneous. . . naps!), and the selectively lenient law enforcement practiced by Grey Squad’s Captain, she uncovers a web of corruption that threatens the safety, the pensions, and digestive health of the entire department.

Mission Accomplished

It got 4/5 stars and a fav from me, I enjoyed the art/writing/letters/colors everything really, it's that good. I really appreciate the creators are very straight forward in how they see their comic updating. A screen a week, the 8 screens in this submission are set up as stand alone, but they still move the story forward. It's a fish out of water set-up for Janet which is a classic humor theme for a reason -it's funny. having the Head cop's mom arrested for being a drug dealer by a spider cop, Her son wanting to buy some heart pills as a prize for another of his agents, and Janet's reactions are all laugh out loud (how many times in your life have you seen someone type out LOL) funny. Lisa and John had an idea for the structure of their story and they pulled it off from screen 1 on. The script is spot on, and the art works so well for this story, reminds me of Steve 'The Dude' Rude's work on Nexus. Meaning alien life forms are believable and not too alien, good facial expressions so you get the sight gags aspect, and the art is clean and easy to follow. My favorite panel is panel 5 on Screen 2 -love the colors here. It's easy to read as can be, great call on the letters, -no letter by letter zooming needed- thank you, thank you, thank you! I also liked the glowing drawer as a Pulp Fiction/Repo Man style homage. I have a feeling what's in it will come up again. Got a mystery hook by screen 2, love the pacing on this story.

Not only humor but Pathos

It's not all laughs though, their are hints of some more serious issues in the story. Cyborg new breed cops replacing the old cops on the beat, and the ill feelings that breeds. The closing line on Screen 4: "Maybe Janet is just a good cop. Like we used to be." -was a stand out to me, really effective on Lisa's part. Course in the next screen Janet ends up looking over eager... Whatever direction this comic is going in is cool with me, but I wouldn't mind one bit if it came down with a case of Cerebus syndrome. Assuming the spider cop doesn't go crazy and try to eat everyone, that character is my favorite. I also like the green alien guy. The Captain talking to his drug dealing mother was funny, but made me wonder what kind of interpersonal family dynamic is going on there. The way the story ends both the Captain and Janet place each other under arrest, it showed real anger from the characters and was also a funny line. The synopsis also ends on a hint of more serious things to come and Janet being given the chance to really prove herself. The script did have so many funny moments that mixed well with the drama, and I'm a lot tougher on humor comics cause that ain't my go to genre of choice.

Some nifty examples from the comic to show you what I mean

"That's it! Bend over! I'm looking for a on/off switch!" said to robo-cop Janet.

"Oh and bring my mother in from the cage." The Captain about his drug dealing mom.

"What's a code two?" -from Janet to Tulla- "unscooped dog poop."

"I'll be out in time for bridge right." Drug dealing mom strikes again.

Damn funny and you have 8 screens worth of that.

Avengers roll call: their was a reason for it

Small criticism: I would have liked a run down of all the characters names and maybe a short description in the Synopsis -just to make it easier to know who I'm talking about. I know most everybody got a mention in the script, -but I like lists. I would also like to see some other aspects of the station, if not other locations, if the comic continues.

Read this comic you interstellar piker

The creators did a really impressive job, I laughed at a humor comic which doesn't happen often, and you had some great character development in the 8 screens. Art and story worked together seamlessly which is another rare thing that when seen should be appreciated.

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  1. Thank you for the positive review, RKB. We're proud of what we've done with Grey Squad and are thrilled that you dig it!