Sunday, April 12, 2009

The rise and fall of the Penguin Zuda review/ Secret life of the Penguins

The rise and fall of the Penguin is another April Zuda comic done by Harry Pujols, who also did My Pet Human for Zuda. It got 3/5 stars from me, and I like the story and art better than his last comic. Here is the synopsis: These days, we know everything about celebrities. What they had for breakfast, who are they dating, what color of socks they wore last night. Yet, one celebrity has eluded this scrutiny: The penguin. Star of many animated flicks and award-winning documentaries. That's until now. This shocking exposé will reveal the truth behind the penguin and his not-so-family-oriented life.

Self gratification doesn't always involve masturbation

The story starts off inoffensively enough, then we find out Pen is an ex-pat Christmas critter. their have been some 'I'm offended' comment's on the comic, but I'm guessing Harry self censored all the Penguin/ hooker sex, because it wouldn't get past TPTB, and it's more funny if readers minds fill in the blanks. It is over the top with a nod to the Disneyland memorial orgy. Just keep all the Penguin movies in mind, and think this is what happened behind the scenes, it move's a little beyond the sex/drugs/humor genre. Considering what happened the last time Harry was in the contest, along with this latest subject matter I don't think he expects to win. I do think Harry wanted to give the Zuda readers something different and expand out Zuda's offerings. Harry draws the way he draws (rough) like it, don't like it, that's just the way it is. I actually like and appreciate his approach, doing his own thing. The black, white, and gray tones was a really good choice on the part of the creator in making it stand out from the rest. The whole work does look far more polished than My Pet Human from story to art. It never hurts that the letters are all easy to read.

A bird so full of shit... and booze... and drugs... -it can't fly

The rise of the Penguin is begun by a successful Hollywood musical on global warming. Since I don't believe in man made global warming, but also don't doubt a movie like this has been pitched at least a million times in real life, it's already off to a good start with me. After hitting the big time Penguin and his body guard/flunky decide to party with booze, drugs, and hookers. Expect even more [censored] [bleep] moments to follow. Screen 6 is pretty funny depravity and the red colored redaction's do stand out, along with the fact Penguin rides the white horse. If it wasn't for a lawsuit it would have been fun to see Disney's Bambi make a guest appearance -maybe giving out BJ's for salt rocks-, as it is I wonder if any other animal characters will make an appearance. of course all the [censored] stuff is way over the top, but it just adds to the effect. Panel 1 on screen 7 shows Penguin in full own coked up orgy mode, and was a stand out. No this comic ain't for everybody. Amongst all the over the top elements, don't lose sight of the good design, or poking some fun at the way the news is done today.

Some nifty examples from the comic to show you what I mean

I really like to way we still got some backgrounds in the panels on screens 4, 2, and 1. In the second panel of screen 1 stick hockey player actually takes a shot. I liked this better than just splashing some color around filter all style.
Two reporters were talking about twenty soldiers died today, but let's go to more important news: the Penguins number one movie at the box office, this was a funny line. It was also a spot on condemnation of the way TV news does things every night, it was funny, sad, and true. The comic ends with Penguin talking to someone who looks like Jay Leno, on a set that looks like the Tonight Show. Penguin is asked how he feels about being named the sexiest man alive? His response: I'm not a man, I'm a [bleep!] penguin! Screens 6 and 7 are proof enough of that.

Lost in a sea of the's

Why do Zuda creator's keep putting the word 'the' in the title of their comic. You know how hard it can be to find comics now on site, and the ton of 'the' comics your going to have to get in line with? If it was with the R's it would be later in the alphabet, but easier to find. Again this comic is not for everyone at Zuda and doesn't have to be. Do a comic you really enjoy doing, and hope you find a fan base out there. If you finish at the bottom of the pack you still did what you wanted to do. So congrats to Harry Pujols for not making it a zombie penguin in hopes of having a better chance to win. What the fuck! [see it is funnier bleeped], I changed my grade here to 4/5 stars and a fav, just for the fact I would read this reguarly if it won.


  1. Well, I hope I don't owe you money for this review! I'm moving that site you linked "My Pet Human" soon. Right now it's and the URL may soon get there. Thanks for the review and hope to see your work at Zuda soon (not competing against mine, though).

  2. it's gratis man, gratis :)
    thanks for the update on the move.
    Your welcome, I enjoy your work and would like to see you back in Zuda.