Monday, February 22, 2010

Be The Beat/ Snowflakes team up for Heart Health Month

We hope to encourage more teens to become the next generation of lifesavers.
-Michael Sayre, M.D., chair of the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee

February is Heart Health Month and the Snowflakes comics crew is working with Be The Beat to get the word out to tweens and teens about cardiac arrest awareness, and to teach young people CPR.The Be The Beat site is aimed at 12-15 year old's, from my little sister I know if you want to get teens and tweens attention you need a interactive web site with games and prizes to hold their interest. With Be The Beat younger people learn about what to do in case of a emergency that could save someone's life, the more involved in the site you get  the more prepared you are. The games, quizzes, and comics all combine to help teach kids to save lives, along the way they win points which entitle them to various rewards on site. The more points, the better the prize, the more they explore the site to raise their score, the more they learn. It's a nice bit of synergy for a very good cause.  From the press release the goal is: According to the American Heart Association, during a cardiac arrest, the heart suddenly stops beating normally and the victim collapses into unconsciousness.  Oxygen-rich blood stops circulating.  Without quick action, such as immediate CPR, a victim of cardiac arrest can die within four to six minutes. By increasing the number of people who know how to respond properly to sudden cardiac arrest, Be the Beat will help increase the odds of bystander CPR and AED use and give more cardiac arrest victims a better chance at life.

That is the definition of a good cause, and I love seeing comics used to help spread the word. Snowflakes is actually a very funny comic it's not that easy for a ongoing gag strip to make me laugh, and making readers think at the same time is a real accomplishment. The creators behind Snowflakes are Chris Jones, Zach Weiner, and James Sandlin Ashby. You should give their web site a read as well the American Heart Association/Be The Beat is one storyline/ it is also accompanied by a ongoing Snowflakes storyline featuring the characters Sloan and Wray. Snowflakes is about young kids in a mountain orphanage and the various predicaments children can get themselves involved in. It's smart and FUNNY!

I know Be The Beat is aimed at a younger audience than I normally get, but there is very useful information on the site regardless of age. There is also a link for teachers, parents, and adults to go to.  I think it would be worthwhile to pass it along to younger people, your children, or any kid siblings you may have.
Hi Gwen! ;)