Monday, June 22, 2009

New feature coming to the blog/ The random azz review

I've started a new feature to my blog -the random azz review. Basically I (or someone else) is just going down lists of online comics and picking a non-stickmen/non-gag-a-day/still live comic to review. If anyone out there in Internetland has a comic, or suggestion for a comic review I'll still be happy to give it a look. This whole 'random' thing was just me spotlighting a comic to praise, or damn depending on how much I like it. It will be a comic that I haven't seen anyone else talking about.
My little sister seeing a list of comic books, has picked a comic by her opinion of the title. My sister's reason for picking the comic for me is: she didn't want me to just review comics I liked. Out of the mouths of children as they say....
Look for the first review later this week.
P.S. I'm also having computer problems again, so here we go...
[As always thanks for your readership, and feel free to e-mail me suggestions for the blog]

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