Friday, March 6, 2009

Dusting off the blog....

To anyone who maybe reading this (hi sis), I will be moving my comments over to my old seldom used blog here. Now why am I doing this when so many other people already do such a good job blogging about Zuda, you ask??? Just to name drop a few you have:
Richard Pace

I really don't write reviews it's more of a open letter to the creators of the comics in question, about what I like/don't like about their comic. Instead of a read this/ don't read this because-- massive. I would rather my comments stay on Zuda proper there with the comic they are about. The new character count limit on Zuda for comments has driven me off into the blog hinterlands to join my brethren so to speak. A upside is now I can curse like a sailor without having to worry about making the Zuda Mod's life any harder -infrequent contributor does that enough as is. I didn't get around -yet- to posting all my views on last months comics thanks to the flu.

*Flu takes a bow*

Between still feeling the effects of the sickness (while listening to the Disturbed song of the same name), and my med's, I only intermittently (Men are from Mars -what???) know what planet I'm on. All this is going to combine to make me a little more punchy the usual -hence the previously referenced 'cussing.

Or maybe not.

Reviews are forthcoming, assuming of course Flu doesn't win.
The evil bastard.


  1. Hooray - a new blog to cheer for. Looking forward to reading this every month fer sure! Good luck.