Monday, January 18, 2010

Some 'here we went again' pissed Zuda thoughts from a completely sober Irishman

A review isn't telling someone there comic is trash.
A review is telling someone why you think there comic is trash.


Yes, it's come to the point I'm quoting myself. I've missed a fair number of Zuda reviews these past few months for a variety of reasons, but no fear, I'll be getting around to the full list this month, if for no other reason than my grand disappointment in most of the line-up. I'm going to be redoing my Zuda review format due to popular request, alas it will be more bullet point like, but on the plus side it will be more to the point. Yeah I know, that from the guy who helped bring about the character count limit over on the Zuda proper comments section, but I hope to surprise even myself.

Let me get back to what I said a long, long time ago -Zuda is a election. Sure you have a buffer here of the Zuda editors who pick out ten would be gems every month, but aside from the instant winners, whoever has the most votes gets the win. The quality of a would be Zuda comic is totally subjective, and everyone knows that. So what matters is how well you can bring in voters for your comic to the site. The only way regular Zuda readers matter is if the election is really close, and we all flock to one title in particular. Maybe that will be this month, maybe not.

I would like to think any new Zuda readers, or creators take some time to read up on previous Zuda comics, (winners and losers) and also check out the comments section. There's some good stuff to be found there concept blogs, fan art, crossovers, praise, encouragement, fairly constructive criticism, and on occasion a fair bit of bullshit.

I'll speak for myself, but as a Zuda reviewer (self-appointed, but damn if I don't have some followers anyway) I just go by what I like the best, that has the best chance of winning, when choosing my vote. This could mean voting for a second place comic, or a ninth place comic depending on the month. If my personal number 3 is in the second spot, and my fav far back in the pack -I vote for the comic I like best, that has the best chance of winning. When writing my reviews -of course- it's purely subjective, it's all about me and what I like. Unless a voter is just showing up for a friend, it's the same for everyone, you vote for what you like. I don't start off with any personal vendetta's against any Zuda creators past, or present -because I don't know any of them. Nobody else in blogs, or comment sections usually has any personal knowledge of a competitor either. I can't and won't say my vote is always just about the quality of the work, if you come off as a total shit in the comments section, or on the message boards, -you won't be getting my vote even if you have the second coming of The Dark Knight Returns going on in 8 screens. Life is too short, and there's only 12 monthly Zuda winners, to waste on a paranoid delusional whack job of a creator -even if you can draw, write, or both really well. You may be thinking 'if I do win, you don't have to read it' That's true. Problem is if you win your taking up space for 60 screens, no doubt more rants in your future, that could have gone to a more even tempered, just as qualified creator with there comic.

I'm sorry, so sorry -apologies always come around later. That's great and expected, but it shouldn't come to that ever. This happens over and over again on Zuda -we should all know better than to drunk post by now shouldn't we? Zuda in May, in September, in January... People do good to care enough to vote never mind the plotting. Now your entry in Zuda might be (and probably is) your baby, your life's work coming true right before your eyes. A chance to get paid, with a check that won't bounce, for making comics -dreams are made of this. Your dream isn't my dream though, or any of the other Zuda voters, we're just in it for the comics -so how well can you entertain us in 60 screens? Remember please Zuda competitors, to the voters it's another month of Zuda comics to chose from, there was a month of comics before, and there will be a month of comics after unless DC pulls the plug. No voters out there in Internet land care enough to plot and scheme some evil conspiracy just to take you down. None of us have the passion to try to take away your dream, that you should have to win that Zuda contract. If you think the criticism you get has merit remember it, if not forget it, but don't have the ego to think complete strangers actually care enough about you to try to take you down.

Even if no one followed/read my blog I'd still carry on, because I enjoy it. If your comic doesn't win you can continue it somewhere else, or start working on a new submission smarter than you were before. It takes enough effort for Zudites just to show up and vote for our favorite comic, never mind a conspiracy against some other title.

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