Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Green Hornet tie-in post part II

The Green Hornet theme

The second part of my Green Hornet guest post is up on MPd57's blog here. I talk about Kato, my love for the NOW comics series, and the Hornet's film treatment. The new Green Hornet film is supposed to be out in December 2010. In 1996 their was a Green Hornet short film directed by Aurélien Poitrimoult. Le Frelon Vert is a short french film in English, that does a excellent job of embodying the spirit of the Green Hornet. You can see it below:


  1. Great short that only makes you want more!

  2. Thanks for checking it out Mike. Aurélien Poitrimoult would have been another fine choice to direct the Green Hornet feature.