Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zuda review Goldilock/ It looks fantastic, it's like a movie!

Goldilock is a September Zuda comic done by Adam Lucas. It got a favorite from me, here is the synopsis: The newly discovered Planet Goldilock seemed to be the answer to Earth’s prayers, a new home and a chance for redemption. With the ominous death of genius inventor and philanthropist, Daniel Haze, looming in the air, a team of scientists has set out on a 2 year mission to explore the mysterious planet. Soon, beauty meets beast, and it's up to the brilliant minds of Pioneer One and the cunning of a lone alien savage to save the future of mankind. What lives on Planet Goldilock? Have we really found a new home? What really happened to Daniel Haze? Find out in, GOLDILOCK!

It could be a beautiful Anime film, shop it around if things don't work out on Zuda

The first thing that gets you about Goldilock is the amazing colors, and back grounds. It's not until you take how amazing they are in, that you start looking for characters and wordage. Somehow, someway, Adam Lucas actually made a 'slow burn' start work on Zuda. Like in other comics this month bringing impressive backgrounds does wonders for drawing readers into the world of the characters, It also makes for a more expansive 'epic' feel, if the story is going in that direction. Screen 1 sets the mood with amazing backgrounds screen 2 provides good characterization with good banter between characters. Alien creature males turn blue to attract mates, the female lead Katie makes a joke about Dane holding his breath. On screen 3 the comic jumps back in time three weeks to the explorers just arriving near planet Goldilock. It is a bit of a roll call screen, with some nice humor about the 'monkey's on Mars'. The art is obviously amazing, but the story/characters are just as well written. Screen 4 finishes introducing the rest of the characters: Alton, Ran, and Mrs. Haze. Mrs. Haze is the widow/heir of Haze Corp which was the company of her Husband Daniel Haze. Daniel Haze being dead, and the actions of Mrs. Haze in relation to that, and his dreams for humanity look to play a major part in the future of this story. What really happened to Daniel Haze, sets up a good mystery early on in this series. All the [possible] dark secrets of a new world tying into all the [possible] dark secrets of the characters, classic Sci-Fi at it's best.

What is the Planet Goldilock equivalent to black widows?

Screen 5 has the group meet up with one of Daniel Haze's friends/Mrs. Haze's enemy Bruce Lennox. Those two characters have a conversation where readers don't know exactly what happened, but we know something happened and it raises up the suspense level. You want to find out just what Mrs. Haze is up to, and what's going to happen once other characters clue on to her. We also see Banks Lennox's floating robot cube buddy/spy. The Ran is established as 'that guy that just knows something ain't right', you need that guy to work as a harbinger/Cassandra to ratchet up the tension. You also want to deliver all the information on this world/story characters, but not have the dialogue come off as a document dump in 8 screens. The dialogue is excellent for all the characters across all 8 screens. It is a slower start in the sense no fight scenes yet, but it actually pulled off suspense with a real cliffhanger ending. The comic ends with Katie discovering signs of intelligent life (steps carved in a rock formation) , and brings the ending back around to the beginning with one of those flying alien creatures turning blue to try to impress Katie. I love it when the beginning of a story ties into a story because it feels more like a serial cliff hanger ending. Too often cliff hanger endings are botched on Zuda probably because most people have never really watched an old serial. Their is a difference between coming to the end of part one in a serial, vs. just hitting stop 15 minutes into a movie. Their's a difference between a 8 screen prologue/preview created for that purpose, vs. just picking the first 8 screens/pages of a longer comic and submitting them. Those 8 screens need to be formatted for Zuda, and Adam Lucas/Goldilock does a fantastic job of that. This comic didn't get my vote, but if it wins I will follow it.

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