Saturday, April 25, 2009

The kind you don't bring home to mother/ what is it with the loooong titles this month?

You put the word 'the' in front of your title...

The kind you don't bring home to mother is another April Zuda comic from Ryan Estrada. It got 3/5 stars from me good, but not my go to genre especially in light of some of the competition this month. Here is the synopsis: Julia Hobson is smitten, and she's not about to let a little lycanthropy ruin her love life. David Duncan is the man who loves her too much to let little things like his fearful friends, his prejudiced parents, and the fact that Julia might eat him get in the way of their romance. Every month, for one night, the moon is full, and the werewolves roam the Earth. This story is not about that night. It's about the other 29 nights a month when those same werewolves are just ordinary people, leading ordinary lives.

It's like a werewolf comic where you never see the werewolf

Humor comics are not usually my go to genre and their are other comics this month that are more my style, hence my rating. That being said everything about this comic is well done art/ colors/ writing/ letters. It is a humor comic strip you could find in the Sunday funnies, that fits well on Zuda, and with web comics in general. A werewolf comic where you never see the werewolf as a furry has it's own appeal. The script writing with the jokes is pretty sharp -it's a sit-com all the way. The parents worries about their son catching lycanthropy from kissing, and being insulting as hell while trying to cross a cultural divide, was humorous. Here's some raw meat/ don't let the dogs smell you/ I'm sure Ryan has a million of them. Screen 3 panel 1 the creator here has a real grasp of his style, and I loved the expressive looks. Uncomfortable silences aren't the easiest thing to get over in a comic, but it was done well here. The eyebrows and mustache of 'Dad' can't help but remind readers of Groucho Marx. His dead pan delivery of lines was one of the high-lights. The loving look from Mom to Dad in the last panel of screen 3, reminds you to pay real attention to the art.

no yiff's about it

This strip was saved from generic funny web comic Ziggy tribute hell, by the control Ryan has of his own style. Look at the various expressions on Mom's face in screen 5. The dialogue is witty, but you could take all the word balloons away and still follow the story. Ryan wrote this comic the way Rodney Dangerfield used to do his act: joke after joke after joke... The thing is I honestly don't know if this comic could keep my interest over another 52 screens??? It is nice to see another romance on Zuda, but I'd want more dramedy elements to work their way into the story. Silver bullets, puppies, super wolf hearing/ no she's just setting on the other side of the door all funny lines and quasi-sight gags thanks to the art, but it didn't make me fall out of my chair. Which has happened before with other comics.

David's not a furvert right... Right???

I tend to compare all the month's Zuda comics against each other, but try to not compare them to past month's contest -because that would serve no purpose. Sometimes you can't help compare a comic to what has come before in the same genre line -it happens. In either case T.K.Y.D.B.H.T.M (<- that's a bitch to hunt and peck), is good, but not as good as other Zuda comics I have read. With just 8 screens it doesn't rise to the level of other April 09 comics, or what's in the Zuda graveyard for me. If the comic wins and I see some other twists and turns in the story my rating for it could go up. If you like humor comics this title will be a 5/5 and a fav for you no doubt in my mind.

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